About the Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard
(O-TTPS) Certification Program

The aim of the O-TTPS Certification Program is to assure customers of the integrity of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) information and ICT products worldwide and to safeguard global supply chains against increasingly sophisticated security attacks.

Intended to assure integrity in technology development and to prevent maliciously tainted and counterfeit products from entering the supply chain, the certification program will ensure applicants conform to the O-TTPS standard.

Demonstration of conformance through this independent, voluntary O-TTPS Certification Program process provides formal recognition of an organization’s conformance to this industry standard. Successful applicants will gain certification and can use the Open Trusted Technology Provider trademarked logo.

O-TTPS Certification

For an overview of the O-TTPS Certification Program, please review these key documents:

See the Getting Started with Certification guide for detailed instructions on how to apply for certification.

O-TTPS Recognized Assessors

The Open Group is the Certification Authority for the program and responsible for its operation. The program also utilizes third party assessors for the conformance assessments. The only assessors eligible to participate in the O-TTPS Certification Program are those listed on the O-TTPS Recognized Assessor Registry.

For details on how to qualify for and become an O-TTPS Recognized Assessor please see the Getting Started as a Recognized Assessor guide and review the O-TTPS Recognized Assessor Agreement.


After reading the applicable documents, if you have further questions please contact the Certification Authority.