The following fees apply for recognition of an organization as an O-TTPS Recognized Assessor in the O-TTPS Certification Program.

Fees cover initial recognition and re-qualification every three years.

Pricing is in US dollars and payment is due in US dollars. All fees quoted are subject to local taxes, as applicable.


Description Fee Payment Due

Recognition Fee
 - Initial fee

$10,000 Upon registration to be an O-TTPS Recognized Assessor.
Re-qualification Fee
 - Every 3 years
$6,000 Every three years, on the anniversary of receiving recognition.


Pay the certification fee at You will need login account for The Open Group in order to make your payment.

The Open Group reserves the right to change these fees without notice.


For further information, contact the O-TTPS Certification Authority via email.


Nike Shox TLX 0018