Problem Reporting and Interpretations System

During the certification process or during the preparation phase, you may encounter a problem that inhibits or will inhibit your certification effort. You can file a Problem Report via this web site to obtain resolution to the issue. The O-TTPS Certification Authority is the sole interface that you need to deal with for such problem reporting.


If you are having problems using the certification system, or want to request an update or correction to the Certification Register, please raise a ticket with the O-TTPS Certification Authority using this Link.

You will need to login in order to submit your ticket. After describing your problem, select the Category "Certification and Accreditation", then "O-TTPS".

The types of problems that may be found include:

  • Errors or ambiguities in the O-TTPS against which conformance is based.
  • Errors or ambiguities in the Assessment Methodology.
  • Non transient Errors in the Certification System itself that prevent certification. Please first report these to the Certification Authority directly.

All requests for update or corrections to the Certification Register or Recognized Assessor Register should be reported directly to the Certification Authority using the link in the lower left panel of this page

You can access the system using the following links (note: a login is required):

Sugary Namwhan